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Megastar Rihanna might be one of the most influential women in fashion, music and beauty but she admitted fashion was the "least important thing" after she became a mom. It's a sentiment many pregnant women and new moms can relate to as we attempt to navigate the juggling act that is balancing motherhood with career all the while experiencing dramatic changes to our bodies and priorities in life.

In an article with Music Times, the nine-time Grammy-winner reflected on her post-parenthood journey of "rediscovery"—something again new moms can relate to as they enter a new life stage —as she recalibrated her relationship to fashion after the birth of her sons RZA Athelston Mayers who turns three in May and Riot Rose Mayers who was born in August 2023.

"After a while when you have kids, you think, this [fashion] is the dumbest [stuff], the least important. It really is the least important thing," RiRi divulged in an interview with the BBC, adding that she didn't "even allow myself that space mentally to approach my closet and create stuff."

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Rihanna also admitted she "refused" to buy maternity clothes when pregnant. "I was like, whatever fits was what's going to work. And that made me challenge myself to get clever with style," she said, never one to turn down a fashion challenge. "I just want to do things my way. I just want to always stitch it up and put my own twist on it." The star sure did, becoming a champion for pregnant body positivity as she unapologetically showcased her baby bump in a series of iconic looks during both of her pregnancies. Then came the shift.

"With the first pregnancy, I feel like I was able to wear heels all the way through," RiRi divulged in an interview with the BBC. "But then with the second pregnancy, you have a toddler, a belly, it's winter, you have a coat, a baby bag. You're like, heels? Hmm, maybe not. That's why I got a little bit more creative with my comfortable style," said the singer who has been in a long-term relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky since 2019.

Trading in heels is not unusual during pregnancy and when running after an energetic toddler. I can attest to also turning to statement flats after experiencing grueling back pain while pregnant as a way to embrace fashion while craving comfort. Although Rihanna — who has long been celebrated for her experimental, maximalist style — says she did fall into a bit of a trap.

"I got too comfortable after I had my second kid and I just was in robes, PJs, sweats." Trust us Rihanna you weren't alone. Thankfully the star shared, "I'm playing again. Now I'm having fun with my clothes."

Indeed she is, and we're thrilled to have our fashion trailblazer back. To coincide with the launch of her billion-dollar Fenty Beauty line in China, the star graced the cover of Vogue China in a cowboy-core-inspired floral embroidered bralette, matching jacket and cowboy hat. She's also stepped into the role of model in a series of sexy shots for the launch of her lingerie and intimate collection Savage x Fenty Signature Script. Making a case for the power of fashion as a confidence booster and form of self-expression Rihanna says, "It does something for you as a woman, and as a mom that's important for us."

Rihanna on the April 2024 cover of Vogue China
Rihanna on the April 2024 cover of Vogue China Vogue China/Hailun Ma

Of course, it helps that the superstar has a designer wardrobe most of us can only dream of and so it seems do the kids. "I have racks, I have bags. They're all sized and organized, and then whatever gets too small for RZA, I put into bins so that Riot can have them next. Riot is actually in all of RZA's 1-year-old clothes already. He's only six months. Everybody thinks Rocky dresses them because I dress them in Rocky outfits," the singer told Interview Magazine.

Along with her bold return to fashion, Rihanna is also back at work. While there's no confirmation on the release of her night studio album, insiders at Music Times say it's also going to show a new hyper-visual creative side of Rihanna where the imagery drives the lyrics.

"I have a lot of visual ideas. It's weird. My brain is working backward right now. I usually have the music first, and the music leads me into all of these visual opportunities, and now I'm having all of these visuals, and I don't have the songs for them yet, but maybe that's the key, this time. Maybe the visual ideas are leading me to the songs that I need to make."

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