Gianvito Rossi Portofino
Gianvito Rossi is marking the 10th anniversary of Portofino sandals with 10 new colors. Courtesy of Gianvito Rossi

Let's face it. Ten years is a long time. A whole decade, as a matter of fact. In an era where things are relatively fleeting, hitting the 10-year mark is pretty impressive. Especially when it comes to fashion since trends often guide what's considered in or now officially out. That applies to shoes, too. See the epic rise of Alaïa's fancy ballet flats that kicked off a mesh shoe obsession. We're pretty sure that said obsession is bound to wane once the next footwear fad rolls around. Which is why Gianvito Rossi marking the 10-year anniversary of its beloved Portofino sandals is so special.

The now signature style was created all the way back in April 2014 by the master himself. "The Portofino sandal embodies the essence of my vision: beauty in simplicity and quality, as well as in the attention to proportions," explains Rossi on his website. "After ten years, our customers keep looking for it: I like to think that its lines have somehow got out of time to stay, becoming a cherished object women can always have within reach in their wardrobe."

The simple yet elegant design has made them a red carpet favorite. Even though you don't always get to actually see them on the red carpet. (Ever notice how stars often skip identifying their footwear when revealing who they're wearing?) Now the luxury shoe label is launching 10 new limited-edition colors inspired by the Italian city the shoe is named after. Think pink, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, brown, etc. All of the shades boast a metallic sheen making them a little flashy, even though they're still giving off minimalist vibes. That's why the sandals are ideal for any weddings or special events coming up on your calendar.

Of course, these babies don't come cheap. We're talking $895 a pair. Although you're really paying for quality so these sandals will most likely be in your wardrobe when it comes time to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Probably even the 25th...

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