Glossier and Starface
Glossier and Starface's new collaboration makes treating acne fun. Courtesy of Starface

Getting rid of pimples is usually a pain, not a pleasure. But Starface transformed the chore into a delight with its colorful acne-treating patches. Now it has joined forces with Glossier to create an even more adorable collection.

The Glossier and Starface capsule includes a collectible compact complete with 32 hydrocolloid pimple patches sure to brighten anyone's day. The fun doesn't run out after the patches (and your pimples) are gone, though. You can simply order a refill and you're good to go again.

The case plus pimple patches run $19. While the refill will cost you $15. Our advice? Buy the combo and then several refills at once because you know this collaboration is going to disappear quickly. Shop the capsule on both Glossier and Starface's websites.

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