Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry
Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry focuses on four themes for Art Basel Miami. Courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's bags are some of the most covetable around. Especially if they prominently feature the brand's equally covetable logo. The French fashion house just kicked things up a notch, however, with its latest collection.

Louis Vuitton x Frank Gehry showcases truly magnificent creations by legendary architect Frank Gehry. He was tasked with reinterpreting the Capucines bag as well as designing new bags focusing on four themes — Architecture and Form, Material Exploration, Animals and Twisted Box — for Art Basel Miami. The result is a selection of museum-quality bags. Gehry relied on everything from a cutting-edge 3-D printing technique to bespoke molds to resin petals to craft the new Capucines bags. Our favorites are the bags in the Animals category since they capture a glittering crocodile, a floating fish and a brass bear.

Check out the full capsule collection on Louis Vuitton's website.

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