Lululemon Moonbow Colour Collection
Lululemon's Moonbow Colour Collection is full of colorful staples. Courtesy of Lululemon

Generally speaking, we don't really need another reason to invest in Lululemon. From leggings to hoodies, the fitness brand already has lots to offer. Although its latest drop has us funneling money from our savings to our checking accounts.

The Moonbow Colour Collection supplies a full spectrum of bright shades. It's like a literal rainbow. There's dreamy Dark Lavender, Barbie-approved Dahlia Mauve, bold Blazer Blue Tone, borderline neon Faded Zap and more. You have your pick of the aforementioned leggings and hoodies plus sports bras, cropped puffer vests, high-rise shorts...and that's just the tip of the rainbow. There's even stuff for the fellas.

Check out the Moonbow Colour Collection in full on Lululemon's website.

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