Nik Bentel Orb Bag
Nik Bentel's Orb Bag. Courtesy of Mia Teresa

If there's anyone you can count on to make their own rules in design, it's Nik Bentel. The Italian-American founder of his namesake New York-based label has left the fashion world stunned once again with his latest innovation — the Orb Bag. While it looks like a regular silver bag to the eye, the creation is far from your average design. The futuristic accessory was inspired by Bentel's desire to create something that warped light so he gleaned from the ancient mathematics concept Dupin cyclides.

Discovered in 1802, cyclides are formed by rotating a conic section around an axis. This act directly influenced the design of Bentel's physical Orb Bag. After constructing a wooden mold, he crafted the piece out of acrylic and lined it with metallic leather. The bag also comes with a metal clasp on the inside and a detachable leather strap for versatile wear.

In line with its whimsical yet authoritative nature, Bentel turned marketing for the bag up a notch with a desert photoshoot. With Mia Teresa behind the lens and internet artist Maya Man serving as muse, the advertising campaign highlights the bag's supernatural properties while exposing its practical capabilities.

If you're as intrigued as we are, be sure to shop the Nik Bentel Studio Orb Bag for $250. But make it fast because there's a limited launch of only 150 pieces.

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