Pamela Anderson Smashbox Cosmetics
The actress stuns with or without makeup. Courtesy of Davis Factor

File this one under the category of things we definitely didn't see coming. Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has been making waves lately by going makeup-free during fashion week and even in Proenza Schouler's Spring 2024 campaign. Anderson showed her commitment by investing in skin care brand Sonsie. So imagine our surprise to see the actress appearing in a campaign for makeup primer.

Smashbox Cosmetics recruited Anderson to promote The Original Photo Finish Primer. The "Isn't It Iconic" ads were captured by Davis Factor, who just happened to have invented the primer. Anderson stuns in both the photographs and the accompanying video, which have 90s written all over them.

See the campaign and the video via Smashbox Cosmetics' Instagram.

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