Zendaya Vogue May 2024 Cover
Zendaya gracing Vogue's May 2024 cover. Courtesy of Annie Leibovitz

If you feel like you've been seeing Zendaya everywhere, you're right. Now in some cases oversaturation can be a real turnoff. But when it comes to Zendaya, it's the opposite effect. We keep wanting more and more. Apparently, Vogue and British Vogue are on the same page as both publications just dropped May 2024 covers starring the actress and style icon.

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Let's dissect American Vogue's May 2024 cover first. Annie Leibovitz stepped behind the lens to capture Zendaya in full bloom. The actress charms in a rose dress and coordinating makeup. Bling is pretty minimal with only a red ring on one of her ring fingers. We appreciate that the cover text is also minimal because that way we get to experience the full glamour of that little red dress, which comes courtesy of her "retired" stylist Law Roach.

In the accompanying article written by Marley Marius, the star reportedly discusses everything from starting a family one day to maybe even adding director to her seemingly ever-expanding résumé. Zendaya even revealed her desire to call up fellow superstar Serena Williams. Hey, if anyone has tips to give on how to ace playing a tennis phenom, it's Williams.

Zendaya British Vogue May 2024 Cover
Zendaya appearing on British Vogue's May 2024 cover. Courtesy of Carlijn Jacobs

Moving on to British Vogue, although we're having a hard time getting American Vogue's cover off of our minds, Zendaya is on pointe. This time she's decked out in sporty gear that ties in well with her upcoming tennis film Challengers. Makes sense since that's the whole reason we're being treated to an extra dose of Zendaya. Carlijn Jacobs took the active shot, but Vogue U.K. opted for more cover text than its American counterpart.

One star concurrently covering the British and American editions of Vogue has only happened twice before in recent history. Although not as rare as say, a total solar eclipse, you have to admit that it's a pretty impressive feat. But we'd expect nothing less from Zendaya.

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