Alo Stackable Supplements
Alo just dropped Stackable Supplements. Courtesy of Alo

Alo is investing in wellness for 2024. The yoga-based brand is expanding its portfolio this year and kicks things off with a new line of supplements. But these aren't your normal vitamins. No, these "science-forward, earth-sourced, mind-body supplements" take a more holistic approach.

The formulas are designed to be taken solo or stacked with other targeted supplements. Alo offers three essentials. The Chill Capsule helps you unwind and feel centered without wiping you out. Try the Energy Pop Capsule when you need a lift in terms of mood and energy. Use the Superfood Multivitamin on the daily to optimize your health and increase your glow. Each bottle contains 60 capsules with prices ranging from $32 to $38.

Start the year off right by making a commitment to a healthier you with Alo's Stackable Supplements.

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