Balenciaga Skiwear
Balenciaga is finally ready to hit the slopes. Courtesy of Balenciaga

Fashion houses really, really, really want you to go skiing this season. Or snowboarding. First Louis Vuitton unveiled its latest skiwear collection full of the brand's iconic monogram. Now fellow French fashion house Balenciaga enters the arena for the very first time.

Balenciaga's ski shop contains pieces for both men and women. There's everything from minimalist parkas to chunky ski boots to helmets. You can even buy your skis or snowboard through the label. Much like Vuitton, all of the products feature the brand's logo so everyone will know where you got your gear. Although Balenciaga's moniker is a tad more understated.

Prices are what you'd expect. They range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars. All the items are currently available for pre-order on Balenciaga's website with the collection expected to drop November 15.

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