Balenciaga Summer 2024 Campaign
Demna’s mother Ella in Balenciaga’s Summer 2024 campaign. Courtesy of Balenciaga

In addition to walking the runways, models are usually enlisted to star in fashion houses' advertising campaigns. It's within their wheelhouse along with appearing in fashion magazine spreads. There are designers, however, who've opted to buck the trend. In some cases, celebrities stand in for models. After all, it's part of most celeb brand ambassadors' contracts. Then there are the rare few who choose to hire spokespeople a little closer to home.

Take Demna, the designer/force behind Balenciaga. He loves to share the limelight with his family and friends. For Demna's Spring 2024 collection, which was set against red curtains that really let the outfits take center stage, the designer cast his mother Ella to open the presentation. Some of the other models are Demna's teacher, his publicist, his chief creative officer and his husband. We'd list everyone else involved, but since there are over 80 models, we really don't have the time or, frankly, the space.

Balenciaga Summer 2024 Campaign
Demna’s former professor Linda Loppa on the Balenciaga Spring 2024 runway. Courtesy of Launchmetrics Spotlight

Demna loves using people in his inner circle to highlight his latest creations. Balenciaga's new Summer 2024 advertising campaign once again includes his mother, his husband and his former professor. This time around they are joined by actress Renata Litvinova, artist Eliza Douglas, "friend of the house" Krish Ghai and runway models Tommy Blue, Noureddine Boudaakat, Simone Embrack, Bibi Hoad, Jay Pak and Khadim Sock.

All of them are captured in front of grand backdrops complete with "to-scale imagery suggesting the halls, ballrooms, and foyers of mansions" by photographer Jitka Hanzlová. The setting obscures the line between two- and three-dimensional. The effect is actually pretty cool.

Balenciaga is yet another fashion house jumping ahead to summer. The brand actually released a separate Spring 2024 advertising campaign back in November starring new ambassador Michelle Yeoh. Although only a few looks were promoted. Only 13 images appeared and since the collection boasts 88 looks, a set of summer ads were obviously very necessary.

Much like with other brands, however, the clothing showcased for summer doesn't exactly seem summery. Sure, there's a fresh floral dress and two-tone trench coats. On the flip side, the gigantic black blazer, long coats, hoodies and bombers seem better suited to fall. Actually, they would probably fit into our winter wardrobes more seamlessly.

Nevertheless, we're big fans of Demna shining the spotlight on those closest to him. It adds even more personality to his collections. We can't wait to see who he sends down the runway or books for the next advertising campaign. Check out the rest of Balenciaga's Summer 2024 advertising campaign on the brand's Instagram.

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