Summer 2024 Campaigns
Tom Ford Summer 2024 campaign. Courtesy of Robin Galiegue

Spring has yet to be sprung in many places. In some areas, it still feels like you're smack dab in the middle of winter. But 'tis the season for fashion houses to roll out their Spring 2024 advertising campaigns in order to promote their Spring 2024 collections. (In case you didn't happen to be one of those fashion-obsessed folks who were glued to their computer or smartphone screen to catch the livestreams of the Spring 2024 shows.) Instead, many designers are opting to jump ahead to summer before spring even begins.

Now we're well aware that fashion tends to think ahead. Which is why we just witnessed the Fall 2024 shows. Naturally, you want to design a collection way in advance so it has time to trickle down to ravenous shoppers. Several brands have decided to buck that tradition by focusing on summer. In some instances, that focus started in February.

We also realize that most collections bare the spring/summer or the fall/winter title. Certain brands and media outlets have condensed them to only go with the former designations. Kind of like sartorial shorthand. Plus, there's usually a great divide between spring and summer. Rainy, 55-degree days call for a different wardrobe than humid, 80-degree evenings. So what's "in" for spring may not be suitable come those much hotter months.

So what's behind all this summer lovin' causing labels to showcase their Spring 2024 collections masquerading as Summer 2024 offerings? Some may argue that it's simply the European brands favoring the summer moniker, while American labels opt to highlight spring. But that theory seems to come up short when you consider the fact that American designer Tom Ford is one of summer's champions. Of course, the designer did present his latest offering over in Milan. So maybe it's just personal preference.

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Ford's Summer 2024 advertising campaign is artfully captured by photographer Robin Galiegue. For a summer series, the ads are a tad moody, but in a good way. They manage to complement the drama of the outfits. Because when was the last time you threw on a gold suit or a black long-sleeve crochet dress in summer? Even with the seasonal conflict, we're totally digging the vibe.

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Celine's Summer 2024 ads came out back in late February. Which is interesting since the advertising campaign features a more February-appropriate fur coat and a black suit. Although other items, including a track jacket teamed with short shorts, a micro minidress and a satin bomber, definitely fall into the summer category.

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Burberry's Summer 2024 advertising campaign is also a mix of spring and summer designs. You have your warm-weather vests, floral skirts, printed shirtdresses and strappy sandals. Then there are trench coats and a heavier electric blue jacket that seem more suited for spring or even fall.

Stella McCartney just dropped its Summer 2024 advertising campaign starring the one and only Cara Delevingne. Currently the only images feature the model strategically covering up with the brand's bags on location at a recycling plant in South London. McCartney wanted to highlight the fact that it's her most sustainable collection to date made with 95 percent conscious materials.

"Each year, 92 million tonnes of clothing waste is created, with a truck-full going to landfill or incinerators every second – over 90 percent of which can be reused or recycled, but less than 1 percent is," the designer explains via the fashion houses's Instagram account. "Our iconic #Falabella bag's #vegan body is made using recycled materials, lined with ocean plastics and its chain is made from recycled brass and recyclable aluminium."

It'll be interesting to see what other items, if any, from her latest summer offering make it into the advertising campaign. Much like the others, McCartney's Spring 2024 collection boasts pieces that will work in both spring and summer.

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HUGO joins the growing roster with a colorful Summer 2024 advertising campaign. There are pinks and blues grounded by neutrals and a heavy denim presence. It's a mixed bag of lightweight layers and more skin-baring options.

Interestingly, you have fashion houses like Michael Kors putting out Spring 2024 ads (in this case photographed and directed by Mert Alas) that are summer-specific. Capturing models in and out of the pool will have that effect.

To sum up: It's interesting the pieces brands are choosing to showcase in their Summer 2024 advertising campaigns. You'd think they would want to only flaunt the ones with summer written all over them. Or adopt the spring/summer moniker to make it perfectly clear that these must-haves encompass both spring and summer.

The lesson in all of this is if you find yourself intrigued by a fashion house's advertising campaign, no matter the season, visit the brand's website to see the collection in full.

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