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Spring has officially arrived. The buds are blooming, the cherry blossoms are out in all their magnificent glory and we've been busy reworking our fashion wardrobes to add the season's coolest trends and a bit of radical optimism. In beauty land, it's also time to adapt your skincare routine to warmer days ahead. Because, just like our fashion choices, our skin changes with the seasons.

This means, that although we may be trading in our heavy winter creams and slugging routine (layering vaseline-type occlusives on the skin to trap in moisture) in favor, of lightweight formulas, the focus should still be on hydration, hydration, hydration. Not to mention boosting the overall health of your skin.

"I've become quite the skincare mixologist. My favorite products are those that calm, nurture, and moisturize the skin. I'm a fan of ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, and sparingly retinol and azelaic acid," says beauty editor Kelly Atterton who also has this advice for those scrambling to overhaul their skincare routine for spring.

"My approach, instead of changing products every season, is to create a plan of action based on how my skin is looking and feeling in the moment. If it's dull, I increase vitamin C. If I need more moisture, I go for hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Uneven skin tone? I might need a mild retinol hit."

To support and inspire you on your spring skincare renewal journey, "skinfluencers" share their go-to routines.

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Renew Your Skin Gently
If you do want to switch up your skincare regime, a great idea in spring is to look to gentle products enriched with soothing botanical extracts and nourishing oils to replenish lost moisture levels from winter's assault and restore vitality. Botanicals are gentle on the skin and help you achieve that clean, refreshed look without the risk of irritation. Plus they smell delicious.

Protect Your Precious Complexion

It's hard to beat the sensation of the warm sun on your face, especially after a long winter. But, as any beauty expert will testify, the sun's harmful UV rays are enemy number one for our skin. "My mantra to help maintain healthy skin is prevention. Everyone regardless of the weather outside should always use sunscreen to protect from sun damage and aging. I never walk out the door without applying Eucerin SPF 30 Daily Protection Face Lotion, says Dr. Carole Hazan, Dermatologist and Reconstructive Skin Surgeon in New York.

Get Glowing Again

Banish dull winter skin by upping your exfoliation and illumination game. Introduce vitamin C and niacinamide-based serums as they repair damage, renew the skin, and bring back the radiance. Also make friends with gentle enzyme exfoliators to slough away dead skin cells, get your skin prepped to soak up all those skin-boosting ingredients, and get a glow-up to rival Hayley Beiber.

Nourish from Within

Lastly, remember, true beauty starts from within. Hydrate your body with plenty of water and indulge in nutrient-rich foods that nourish your skin from the inside out. Incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidant-rich teas (like green tea) into your diet to promote a healthy, luminous complexion that glows with vitality.

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