Sandy Liang
A model posing in the Petal Wristlet in Lipstick. Sandy Liang

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Contrary to popular belief, the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) community is behind some of the most creative and innovative achievements in our society. May marks AAPI month, a time to recognize and honor the contributions and influence of its people to the history and culture of our world, and what better way to celebrate than supporting their businesses? After all, AAPI is responsible for many of the fashion and beauty brands (and trends) that we all know and love.

Designers like Ph5 and 3.1 Phillip Lim have become Fashion Week mainstays, with their mastery of modern luxury staples and experimental knitwear, respectively. Meanwhile, BONBONWHIMS has become the "it-girl" accessory label known for its whimsical jewelry, thanks to Y2K's resurgence and support from Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie. And the community's effect on beauty is just as referential, with Korean skincare dominating TikTok feeds and Tower 28's success in crafting sensitive skin-friendly products that are actually worth the hype.

Ahead: we've gathered 12 AAPI-owned fashion and beauty brands to support today and every day.


Best AAPI Brands: PH5
Brooklyn Wavy Asymmetric Dress PH5

Brooklyn Wavy Asymmetric Dress at PH5 ($495)

Founded in 2014 by Wei Lin, Ph5's offerings focus on knitwear that's equal parts playful and functional. The brand's current designer Zoe Champion, has elevated its pieces with signature wavy, asymmetrical hemlines and patchwork details.

3.1 Phillip Lim

Best AAPI Brands: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Denim Boxy Jacket 3.1 Phillip Lim

Denim Boxy Jacket at 3.1 Phillip Lim ($495)

Born from a friendship between founders Phillip Lim and Wen Zhou, the New York-based label consistently champions its goal of bringing elevated and sophisticated clothing to the modern fashion lover.

Sandy Liang

Best AAPI Brands: Sandy Liang
Pointe Pump 100 in Ballet Satin Sandy Liang

Pointe Pump 100 in Ballet Satin at Sandy Liang ($695)

'90s elements like sheer shirts and dainty silk dresses define Sandy Liang's brand, which reminds consumers of the cult-favorite character Carrie Bradshaw. Liang also takes an unprecedented approach to accessories, with bow bags that double as belts and most recently, ballet-inspired footwear.


Rich Beach Rings BONBONWHIMS

Rich Beach Rings at BONBONWHIMS ($75)

For the colorful citizen who's obsessed with all things Y2K, BONBONWHIMS is the perfect brand to shop this season. From charm bracelets to chewy bear earrings, it's nostalgic heaven.

JW Pei

Best AAPI Brands: JW Pei
Tessa Suede Shoulder Bag JW Pei

Tessa Suede Shoulder Bag at JW Pei ($109)

Beloved by stars like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, JW Pei is the epitome of affordable and sustainable luxury. With a steadfast commitment to vegan leather, the brand sells designs for every kind of aesthetic, from minimal shoulder bags to Boho totes. They've even ventured into footwear including studded boots and quiet-luxury mules.

Private Policy

Best AAPI Brands: Private Policy
K-Wave Silver Charm Sweatshirt Private Policy

K-Wave Silver Charm Sweatshirt at Private Policy ($295)

Founded by Parsons graduates Haoran Li and Siying Qu, Private Policy effortlessly reinterprets New York's distinct downtown style through genderless silhouettes and subtle nods to social topics. The label's rebellious spirit adds the perfect streetwear edge to your wardrobe while cultivating community.


Best AAPI Brands: KNSPO
The Moisturizing Gel KNSPO

The Moisturizing Gel at KNSPO ($36)

An up-and-coming changemaker in beauty, KNSPO creates the most simple skincare that are effective and powerful without the drama of unnecessary steps. Their 3-step routine includes products made with ingredients like Aloe Vera and Niacinamide that hydrate the skin and help build cells, respectfully. This Moisturizing Gel is our personal everyday favorite.


Best AAPI Brands: Laneige
Lip Sleeping Mask Laneige

Lip Sleeping Mask at Laneige ($24)

Regardless of your skin type, hydration is key and Laneige's creations do just that and more. Their best-selling lip mask is well worth the hype as it delivers maximum moisture to your lip overnight, made from nourishing ingredients like Berry Fruit Complex™ and Shea butter. Plus, it's Sydney Sweeney-approved.

Tower 28

Best AAPI Brands: Tower 28
Daily Rescue Facial Spray Tower 28

Daily Rescue Facial Spray at Tower 28 ($28)

With former beauty executive Amy Liu at the helm, Tower 28 offers products that are specially developed for sensitive skin, from dermalogist-approved serum to Khloe Kardashian's favorite lipgloss. Another powerhouse seller is their facial mist that helps calm your skin, support its barrier, and keeps flare-ups away. Fun fact: it was named after the lifeguard tower where Venice Beach and Santa Monica intersect.


Best AAPI Brands: Dieux
Forever Eye Mask Dieux

Forever Eye Mask at Dieux ($25)

Co-founded by Filipina chemist Joyce De Lemos, Dieux is a beauty brand who breeds results like no other. They've produced unconventional formulations like this Forever Eye Mask that lives up to its name, as a lightweight, reusable eye patch that holds gels and serums close to the skin for maximum absorption and a lasting glow.


Best AAPI Brands: AMIRO
R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device AMIRO

R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device at AMIRO ($390, originally $540)

AMIRO was founded in 2015 and is most known for their intelligent, science-backed products that help you feel just as good as you look. The high-tech brand makes luxury skincare experiences more accessible, especially through its skin tightening device that reduces wrinkles and firms sagging skin to achieve that anti-aging glow.


Best AAPI Brands: Kulfi Beauty
Kajal Eyeliner Kulfi Beauty

Kajal Eyeliner at Kulfi ($20)

Kulfi is a celebration of South Asian culture and beauty through vegan and clean makeup. They cultivate community through sharing stories of self-expression from beauty lovers all over, and products with rich meaning. This kajal eyeliner was inspired by the traditional eye care practice popular across South Asia, primarily used to bring protection.

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