Kylie Jenner Khy Drop 005
Khy's Drop 005: Denim is a collaboration with Natasha Zinko. Courtesy of Natasha Zinko

Kylie Jenner is absolutely crushing it when it comes to beauty. It all began with her Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits that promised to replicate the reality star's famous full pout. She followed that successful venture by launching an eponymous skin care line. Last year, Jenner decided to expand her reach by diving into fashion. Somewhat surprisingly, her clothing brand Khy offers minimalist staples for pretty reasonable prices. Each drop is a collaboration with an established fashion designer, giving the clothes a certain legitimacy. (The label has already collaborated with NAMILIA and Entire Studios.)

For Drop 005: Denim, Jenner enlisted Natasha Zinko. An interesting alliance because one of the London-based designer's calling cards is statement jeans. Think literally destroyed jeans and double jeans that allow you to wear multiple pairs all at once. From the get-go, Khy was designed to be more streamlined, offering everyday basics with a high-end feel. It looks like its upcoming drop on Thursday, April 25 will present three styles of jeans in three washes.

"Khy aims to redefine the modern wardrobe by offering edited collections that seamlessly blend luxury with everyday style, spanning a diverse range of categories and styles," the brand explains on its website. "By collaborating with iconic brands and global designers, we hope that Khy will be a platform that delivers access to incredible fashion for everyone."

Jenner appears to be subscribing to the Phoebe Philo philosophy, just without the high price tags. While at the helm of Celine and Chloe, Philo established herself as the queen of stylish minimalism. Her Celine and Chloe pieces are hot commodities (try finding any on vintage or resale sites). So when the legendary designer announced she was launching her eponymous label, we were all shook.

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Interestingly, Philo's new approach to rolling out her new pieces is similar to Jenner's. Philo introduces fresh collections as "edits" and offers multiple deliveries in case you didn't score your must-have piece the first time around. There's a little more edge in Philo's current designs. She's still a practicing minimalist, but there's plenty of attitude to go around. The only downside? The prices are high, like sky high. Of course, that doesn't stop us and many others from buying up all of Philo's creations.

Jenner seems to be emulating the Philo approach by designing pieces customers can wear again and again. Now and much, much later. There's a real timelessness to Khy's designs. They're unfussy yet exude style. Frankly, we were a bit astonished both by the understated construction and the low cost of its offerings. In this case, those are both good things.

While Jenner will never be at the same level as Philo, we think there's room for both brands in our wardrobes. It's a great example of high-low dressing. Invest in a few of Philo's masterpieces and then style them with a couple of Khy's designs.

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