Clinique Amazon
Clinique is now available via the Amazon Premium Beauty store. Courtesy of Clinique

Many people and brands for that matter have a love-hate relationship with Amazon. It's a great place to buy all your needs from household products to the latest, greatest gadgets. Or, for brands, a great way to sell to potential customers. The downside? Sometimes it's "buy at your own risk" because Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell on its mammoth marketplace. Which poses a real conundrum for fashion and beauty brands. Even if they don't want to sell their products on Amazon, they run the risk that others will and sometimes those unofficial sellers offer fake or stolen goods.

Amazon has made some efforts to crack down on fraudulent listings, including creating the Amazon Premium Beauty store, where legit brands can sell directly to their customers. That has convinced a few rather reluctant brands to finally jump the shark and begin listing their wares. Take Peace Out, for example, which felt some pressure to make the move due to the rash of unauthorized resellers on Amazon.

Perhaps the biggest reversal comes courtesy of Estée Lauder. The parent company boasts some of the biggest beauty brands in the business, such as Clinique, La Mer, Smashbox and Bumble and bumble. Long a holdout when it comes to selling anything on Amazon, the conglomerate has changed its tune. Well, at least the melody. It was just announced that Clinique has set up shop in the Amazon Premium Beauty store. Why the change of heart?

"We are delighted to introduce Clinique to new consumers in the U.S. and make it accessible for the beauty-savvy community in the Amazon Premium Beauty store," says Global Brand President of Clinique Michelle Freyre. "This new brand experience will complement the high-touch, in-store experience our consumers already receive with our Clinique Consultants in the stores of our long-term retail partners throughout the U.S. Education has always been an integral part of Clinique and we are excited to bring this aspect of our brand to Amazon customers in the U.S."

Wait, there's more. The brand is also launching the Clinique Skin Analysis tool. The interactive questionnaire is designed to help shoppers customize their Clinique-based skin care regimen. Estée Lauder is also permitting a few other offspring to open dedicated storefronts in the coming months. Although the company hasn't specified which ones.

We'll have to wait and see if this move encourages other beauty labels to finally engage with their shoppers via Amazon. Glossier has always been hesitant about being listed on the mega retailer because it values establishing connections with consumers. Just like other brands, however, third-party sellers are offering Glossier buys on Amazon anyway. Which may cause Glossier to have second thoughts just like Estée Lauder.

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