Best Shaving Creams
The best shaving creams make your skin look and feel better. Courtesy of Fur

There are certain things that we do more frequently in summer. Visit the beach for prolonged periods of time (wearing plenty of sunscreen, of course), rock everything from miniskirts to micro shorts and shave our legs, armpits and bikini lines pretty much every single day of the week. Which means we need to stock up on the best shaving creams currently on offer.

You may still be using your drugstore fail-safe, but shaving has come a long way lately. There are now gels that morph into milks or oils and even gel sticks that make getting rid of hair anywhere on the go easy-peasy. You also need to pay attention to ingredients to find a formula tailored to your skin, whether yours is sensitive, dry or prone to ingrown hairs.

Instead of searching all over online to find your new summer staple, we've compiled the best shaving creams in one place. Keep reading to see which one you should add to your seasonal shopping list.

Fur Moisturizing Shave Cream

Fur Moisturizing Shave Cream, $32 at Ulta Beauty

Fur's cream boasts a satin finish and glides with ease so razor burn isn't even in the conversation. Which means you can use it anywhere you want to get rid of hair. There's olive oil to moisturize and provide a buffer and aloe for a super smooth shave.

Billie Whipped Shave Cream Ultra Gentle

Billie Whipped Shave Cream Ultra Gentle, $8.59 at Walgreens

If your skin is extremely sensitive, this should be your new go-to. Billie's cream is extra gentle and creates a cushion to protect easily irritated skin. Shea butter, coconut oil, sage and aloe vera team up to soothe and seal in moisture.

Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel With Aloe Vera

Flamingo Foaming Shave Gel With Aloe Vera, $5.99 at Target

This pick transforms into a pillowy foam that stays put on wet skin, but rinses clean from razor blades. It cushions and conditions so you get a more comfortable shave. Aloe vera helps soothe, while its warm, floral fragrance will instantly uplift your senses.

OUI the People Sugarcoat Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk
OUI the People

OUI the People Sugarcoat Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk With Vitamin C, $64 at Sephora

OUI the People's gel-to-milk formula moisturizes courtesy of marula oil as it brightens thanks to vitamin C. Its light scent is 100 percent natural via oils in jasmine neroli.

EOS Shea Butter 24H Moisture Shave Cream

EOS Shea Butter 24H Moisture Shave Cream in Pink Citrus, $5.99 at Ulta Beauty

A rich cream that instantly moisturizes and offers lasting protection? Yes, please. It accomplishes such a feat with help from shea oil and shea butter. There's also aloe to soothe.

Hanni Shave Pillow Moisturizing Body Gel

Hanni Shave Pillow Moisturizing Body Gel, $24 at Sephora

Hanni is made to move. The travel-friendly gel stick contains adaptogenic mushrooms to soothe and protect skin, cactus water that imparts moisturizing electrolytes and protective antioxidants plus glycerin to protect skin's lipid barrier and retain moisture. It even doubles as a body moisturizer.

Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil
Tree Hut

Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil, $12.99 at Ulta Beauty

Treat yourself to a little aromatherapy with Tree Hut's shave oil. Its fragrance features notes of bergamot, tea rose and amber. The gel-to-oil formula also provides a close shave with hydration helper Moroccan argan oil, which even improves skin elasticity, along with rosehip oil to refine skin's texture and offer a radiant glow.

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