Beyonce Cecred Launch
Cécred is finally here. Courtesy of Cécred

The wait is over. After a bit of teasing, Beyoncé has finally rolled out her new hair care line called Cécred. And there's a lot to take in.

The brand offers everything from shampoos to conditioners to treatments to stylers. There are also tools and accessories. You can even shop by hair type. So if your locks are coily, curly, wavy or straight, you'll be sure to find the appropriate formulas. Prices are relatively reasonable for a high-end hair brand ranging from $20 to $65 for a full kit.

"It's been my lifelong dream to create these hair products and bring some of my mother's teachings to life," explains Beyoncé. "We started by prioritizing the needs of textured hair like mine and others who lack moisture and strength. It was important to honor past rituals while infusing our personal touch by adding advanced science to build new sacred rituals. The result was haircare defined by its performance, quality, and intention. Haircare that isn't put into the same box others have tried to put me in as a Black woman throughout my career. Haircare that will keep my hair healthy despite how often I change it up as a performer—the coloring, high-tension styles, sewing, sweat, and buildup."

Head on over to Cécred's website to get your hands on these sure-to-sell-out products.

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