Blumarine by Marc Jacobs
Blumarine by Marc Jacobs is here to heat up your summer. Courtesy of Blumarine

There's no denying that early aughts fashion is trending. If you lived through the era, you may look back on those years fondly or regret your fashion choices. Fall into the former category? Then you're probably loving all the nods to the time period on recent runways. If that isn't enough to satisfy your cravings, Blumarine and Marc Jacobs have got you covered. The brands teamed up for a collab that wouldn't look out of place circa 2000.

It's got something for every millennial. Think embellished denim, cropped tops and plenty of pink camouflage. There are accessories to boot. A chain belt designed to make a statement rather than hold anything in place and a mini bag that'll hold very few necessities. The collection is meant to be worn together, but that doesn't mean you can't work in a piece or two into your grown-up wardrobe.

Prices range from $95 for a lace tank or a baby tee to $395 for a studded maxi skirt. Pretty expensive for current high schoolers. Although both Blumarine and Marc Jacobs are super popular with Gen Zers so maybe teens will save all their nickels, dimes and cryptocurrency to snag a couple of items. But anyone who was roaming the halls back in the 2000s can shell out the dough to relive their glory days.

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