Chanel Cruise 2025 Hong Kong
Chanel Cruise 2025. Launchmetrics Spotlight

We're in the midst of fashion's resort season and the latest cruise collections may not get all the attention they truly deserve. Why? Well, May is a pretty packed month. You've got the always all-consuming Met Gala and the Cannes International Film Festival, which this year eats up a good portion of the month (almost a whole two weeks). So we don't blame you if you managed to miss Chanel's Cruise 2025 presentation over in Marseille. Luckily, you're about to get another shot.

Chanel just revealed its cruise offering will get a second showing in Hong Kong. This may seem like a drastic move, but there is some precedent. The French fashion house also showed its Cruise 2024 collection again in Shenzhen, China. (Its first appearance was in Los Angeles.) Apparently, the brand's sales are growing in the region so it makes sense that Chanel would want to tap directly into that.

The collection is full of vibrant versions of Chanel's famous tweeds. Think neon green and pink. There's a certain sense of whimsy offering lacy fundamentals and swimsuits so nice, you may not want to swim in them. There's even a whole section of summer whites that includes a no pants outfit and a couple of dresses worthy of a possible walk down the aisle.

The Chanel Cruise 2025 runway show the sequel will take place on November 5. Don't want to wait that long to get your cruise fix? Gucci just unveiled its Cruise 2025 collection in London last night. That will hopefully be sufficient to tide you over.

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