Ann Demeulemeester Will Show Resort 2025
Ann Demeulemeester Fall 2024. Courtesy of Launchmetrics Spotlight

We've said it before and we'll keep on saying it. The resort collections offer some of the best clothing around. Especially if you're experiencing a serious case of wanderlust, but can't spare any time off from work or the cash. So imagine our sheer delight upon hearing the news that a new brand is jumping on the resort bandwagon.

Edgy fashion house Ann Demeulemeester just revealed it'll be putting out a resort collection for the very first time. It may be hard to visualize what an Ann Demeulemeester Resort 2025 collection will look like, but that's exactly why it's so exciting. The mood board is pretty much a blank slate. Recently promoted Stefano Gallici, the new creative director used to be the brand's menswear designer, is certainly putting his stamp on the label. A strong Fall 2024 sales campaign proves he's on the right track.

The only downside? As of right now the only way you can get a glimpse of the Resort 2025 offering in person is if you book a showroom appointment in Paris next month. A bit of a bummer, but we're hoping there will at least be a lookbook for us to properly and shamelessly fawn over.

The Resort 2025 season is shaping up to be a real banger. You'll definitely need to bring your passport because the show locations are all over the place. Christian Dior is jetting off to Scotland to flaunt its wares in Perthshire's Drummond Castle Gardens. Then there's Louis Vuitton. The French fashion house is cruising to Barcelona. Chanel is heading back to the South of France selecting Marseille as its backdrop.

Next we have the Italian delegation. Gucci plans on holding its Cruise 2025 presentation in London. While Max Mara has decided to show in Venice.

Most brands are scheduling their shows for early to mid May. Some may wait until June. That's one of the nice things about the resort schedule. The season lasts longer than fall or spring or even haute couture. That especially applies to the brands skipping runway presentations in favor of boldly designed and intricately planned lookbooks.

Regardless, we're sure there will be ample ensembles to covet. If you're hoping that these collections will be more affordable than regular-season offerings, sorry to dash your hopes. But since you're planning a virtual trip during your daydreams, you can also imagine yourself decked out in all of the sure-to-be amazing looks free of charge.

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