Add these colognes to your must-buy list. Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

When it comes to fragrance, the beauty world usually divides things into two categories. Perfumes and colognes with the former targeted to women and the latter designed for men. But we refuse to think of things with such narrow constraints. Anyone can spray on perfume or cologne and smell amazing.

Thankfully, some brands agree and are creating genderless aromas. Sure, you may still see them identified as a perfume or a cologne, but the fragrances have more of a universal appeal. Although, there are still instances where cologne is mainly marketed to men. So in an effort to expand your horizons, we set out to uncover the best colognes that smell great on everyone.

Obviously, since it's fall and about to be winter, we honed in on more seasonal scents. So our roundup includes several warm, woody aromas. There are exceptions to every rule. We found a few that are actually seasonless.

Prices can vary just like with perfumes. Our top picks range from $89 to $425. Of course, a lot depends on size. Another similarity with so-called perfumes? Cologne bottles are just as striking and demand a place of honor on your vanity or your dresser.

Scroll down to discover the best-smelling colognes around.

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean EDP

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean EDP, $130 at Prada

Prada's entry contains top notes of grapefruit essence. Its heart is incense and its base is vanilla bean accord. All combine to make a sophisticated aroma.

Tom Ford Oud Wood
Tom Ford

Tom Ford Oud Wood, $425 at Sephora

This earthy and woody scent is full of sensuality. Its blend of rare oud wood, sandalwood, rosewood, Eastern spices and amber is truly unique.

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette Fragrance
Maison Margiela Replica

Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette Fragrance, $160 at Nordstrom

Maison Margiela has your ticket to the most exclusive private club around. Top notes of pink pepper, Primofiore lemon and neroli oil mingle with middle notes of rum absolute, clary sage oil and java vetiver oil. Tobacco leaf absolute, vanilla bean and styrax resin bring everyone together.

Chanel Bleu de Chanel

Chanel Bleu de Chanel, $185 at Chanel

A refined aroma, Chanel's cologne contains cedar and new Caledonian sandalwood notes. It leads to an intense, aromatic woody accord for the perfect finish.

Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum

Azzaro The Most Wanted Parfum, $118 at Macy's

What do you get when you introduce warm toffee to bourbon vanilla, red ginger and incandescent woods? You get this amazing aroma.

Armani Beauty Aqua di Gio Profondo Eau de Parfum Spray
Armani Beauty

Armani Beauty Aqua di Giò Profondo Eau de Parfum Spray, $160 at Sephora

Designed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas, this cologne starts with salty marine notes, then introduces cypress, lavender and rosemary. A base of patchouli and musk notes perfectly rounds out the fragrance.

Hermes H24 Eau de Toilette

Hermes H24 Eau de Toilette, $120 at Hermes

Looking for something a bit brighter? Try this fragrance created by Hermes perfumer Christine Nagel. The fresh aroma relies on clary sage, narcissus, rosewood and sclarene to make an impression.

Aesop Eidesis Eau de Parfum

Aesop Eidesis Eau de Parfum, $195 at Neiman Marcus

If you like your fragrances complex, meet your new BFF. There are top notes of petitgrain, black pepper and frankincense. Cumin, cedar and frankincense make up the middle, while cedar, vetiver and sandalwood supply the base.

DS Durga Deep Dark Vanilla Eau de Parfum
D.S. & Durga

D.S. & Durga Deep Dark Vanilla Eau de Parfum, $210 at Nordstrom

D.S. & Durga loves combining unexpected notes. Here, real vanilla partners with cabreuva, orchid, pink pepper, vines, cypress root, dark patchouli and hay. Enough said.

Yves Saint Laurent LHomme Eau de Toilette
Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Eau de Toilette, $89 at Neiman Marcus

Yves Saint Laurent is the epitome of luxury and this cologne is no exception. It's pretty straightforward with notes of bergamot, ginger and vetiver, but the result is pure opulence.

Versace Eros Eau de Parfum

Versace Eros Eau de Parfum, $107 at Ulta Beauty

Who says you can't get the best of summer and fall at the same time? Not Versace. This fragrance features Italian lemon, mandarin, mint oil, candied apple, geranium flower, clary sage essence, ambermax, cedarwood, vetiver orpur essence, patchouli coeur essence, sandalwood and vanilla.

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