Claudia Sulewski created CYKLAR to fill the bio-luxury void. Courtesy of CYKLAR

In a perfect world, all of the products we use on a day-to-day basis would be eco-friendly. From the clothes on our backs to the creams we slather on our bodies, everything we rely on has an impact on our planet. Which is why we rely on brands to take steps to neutralize our negative influence.

Enter CYKLAR. The genderless, vegan and cruelty-free body care brand is the brainchild of actress and YouTuber Claudia Sulewski. She wanted to create a brand that "pays meticulous attention to every component of its product." Naturally, everything is dermatologist-tested and free of parabens, sulfates and silicones.

Its initial offering is a good-for-your-skin and good-for-the-environment Body Cream. The luxurious formula has banana flower extract to hydrate, balance and soothe plus niacinamide to strengthen your skin barrier and prickly pear to help exfoliate. It also boasts a gender-neutral fragrance. All that for only $58 is quite a bargain. The glass vessel it comes in is designed to be reused, too. Simply wash with soap and hot water, then towel dry.

We spoke to Sulewski about her brilliant new brand, her go-to eco-conscious fashion labels and her current favorite things.

Fashion Times: Where does the name CYKLAR come from?

Claudia Sulewski: When deciding what to name the brand, I knew I wanted to base it off another word while also being its own thing. CYKLAR was inspired by the word "cycle." Keeping the cycle going, keeping your products in rotation. It's a nod to the reusability of our packaging.

FT: How do you define bio-luxury?

CS: Bio-luxury to me represents the blending of quality materials and consciously-curated ingredients. Creating a luxurious experience all while keeping our planet in mind.

FT: Noticed both body wash and refills are coming soon. What other products can we expect?

CS: You can expect more products in the body care space. I hope to build out CYKLAR as a self-care brand, reimagining where it can live in your home and how it can support your daily rituals.

FT: Can you share some beauty tips?

CS: One of my favorite morning practices is cold exposure. Whether it's my whole body (like a cold shower) or just my face (ice and chilly face tools), I love to depuff and calm my nervous system. Cold exposure helps to slow down your heart rate, leaving you calmer and more present throughout your day. It also helps with blood circulation. There are so many positive benefits! In the beauty/makeup world, I love to emphasize the power of brown liner. I'll use the same brown liner for my lips, eyebrows, eyes and even to conceal pimples as freckles. Love a multiuse product!

FT: What are some of your current favorite things?

CS: Speaking of brown liners, the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Liner in Foxy Brown is wonderful. This might be a little random, but I recently purchased a rechargeable warm-toned reading light which has been so game changing for reading at night! It's easier on the eyes and small enough to store anywhere. Following the night routine, I love using my Bearaby weighted blanket. It's so cozy and calming. Another thing I never stop talking about is my Owala water bottle. You can sip AND pour from the bottle, which is super convenient. The part that touches your lips is protected with a handle cap as well — it's the most thought out water bottle.

FT: Do you have any go-to eco-conscious fashion brands?

CS: I do! First and foremost — thrifting and vintage shopping will always be my number one recommendation. If you can't shop locally I'd recommend thredUP. They accept and sell all sorts of high-end and affordable brands. I love Foundationals for high-quality basics and ALOHAS for shoes — they only produce as much as they sell using an on-demand production model.

Visit CYKLAR's website to pick up the Body Cream and keep checking back for new product launches.

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