Kate McLeod KHIRY
Kate McLeod and KHIRY's new collection treats your mind and body. Courtesy of Kate McLeod

Feeling like you're in need of a refresh? Then listen up because you're going to want to hear about this new collaboration centered around rebirth and renewal.

Dancing Lotus: Moving Together is a limited-edition offering from clean body care brand Kate McLeod and luxury jeweler KHIRY. It's inspired by the lotus flower and focuses on the positive impact of rituals. Kate McLeod's lotion plus bath and shower oil bars are enhanced with a floral fragrance featuring pure lotus flower oil. Take your pick for just $38.

There's also The Grounding Object, a heavyweight bronze object you can hold in your hands or over your heart to help you calm down. You can also wear the $375 object as a pendant. So you can handle stress anytime, anywhere.

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