Eckhaus Latta Sunglasses
Eckhaus Latta recently debuted some striking sunglasses. Courtesy of Eckhaus Latta

Winter isn't exactly sunglasses season. It's so cold, we don't want to stay outside long enough that we need to protect our eyes from the sun's still damaging rays. Nevertheless, one fashion brand is daring enough to introduce shades into its lineup this time of year.

Eckhaus Latta just dropped a new and very necessary range of sunglasses. There's The Tilt in tortoiseshell with green lenses or in crystal teal with mirror lenses or in black with brown lenses. The Speed comes in black with black lenses or silver with green lenses. Each pair costs $250.

All styles are amazingly still in stock. So go to Eckhaus Latta's website to score your pair to wear now and much later.

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