FARM Rio x Adidas
FARM Rio x Adidas marks the 10 year mark. Courtesy of FARM Rio

Reaching a 10th anniversary is no easy feat. That goes for brands as well as couples. When it came time to mark their decade-long partnership, FARM Rio and Adidas decided to let us in on the celebration.

FARM Rio x Adidas is now available and is just as vibrant as you'd expect. The capsule collection features 11 new styles. (Maybe to acknowledge 10 years with one to grow on.) Naturally, the Adidas logo permeates the offering. Choose from colorfully patterned pieces, including a sports bra and matching leggings, a sporty T-shirt dress, a swingy tank top and more.

If you miss out on this capsule, don't worry. There will be more drops to come throughout the year.

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