Gabriela Hearst
Gabriela Hearst just revealed two fragrances. Courtesy of Gabriela Hearst

Gabriela Hearst is making a lot of changes lately. She recently moved on from her creative director position at Chloe. Now the designer is jumping on the fragrance bandwagon.

Hearst just announced a collaboration with perfumer Fueguia 1833. It marks a first for both parties. It's the first time Fueguia 1833 has teamed up with a fashion designer and Hearst's first fragrances.

"These perfumes also represent everything I believe true luxury should represent in the current moment: an uncompromising respect for Mother Nature as a muse for our scent, beauty, experience and senses, evoking quality with limited editions as we simply cannot afford to do too much. Rare and special," explains Hearst on her website.

Paysandú is an aromatic floral with notes of marcela, jazmín del país, carqueja, limón, espinillo flower, dama de noche, cedrón, coronilla wood, cabreuva wood, butiá, copaiba resin and palo santo. New York, on the other hand, is a gourmand wood. It features fir balsam, tobacco, jacarandá wood, maple resin, cedarwood Virginia, vanilla absolut, rose absolut, sakura flower, black pepper, palo santo, patchouli, tonka and nutmeg.

You can find the fragrances in both brands' stores and online for $415 apiece.

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