Giorgio Armani Spring 2025 in New York
Giorgio Armani Fall 2024. Courtesy of Launchmetrics Spotlight

Giorgio Armani is considered a Milan Fashion Week mainstay. The Italian fashion house is known for not only producing elegant collections, but for staging sophisticated runway shows as well. So it came as quite a shock when the brand announced it's ditching Milan Fashion Week Spring 2025.

The brand plans on traveling to New York to unveil its Spring 2025 collection on October 17. What's behind the big move? The designer will also be inaugurating a new Madison Avenue building around the same time. Which totally makes sense. Plus, if possible, the show will attract even more attention since it occurs after New York Fashion Week Spring 2025.

But have no fear. This is only a one-off. Giorgio Armani's Fall 2025 collection will be displayed in Milan.

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