Hanhoo Pore Collection
Hanhoo is refreshingly honest about its new line. Courtesy of Hanhoo

Usually when a skin care brand introduces a new product, it harps on how it will miraculously solve all your skin care issues. Acne scars will magically disappear, pores will become invisible, hyperpigmentation will no longer be in your vocabulary, etc. So when Hanhoo announced its new Pore Collection, it was surprising just how honest it was about what the included products can and can't do.

Hanhoo's Pore Collection has three products. The Pore Cleanser works as a cleanser and a mask that'll clean, brighten, soften and help improve the appearance of clogged pores. The Pore Serum gently exfoliates while clearing debris with its lightweight formula. Finally, the T-Zone Pore Patch can be applied to the forehead, nose and chin and relies on hydrocolloid to unclog pores.

The cleanser and serum will each set you back $13. While you'll only have to shell out $6 for eight patches. You can find the collection on Hanhoo's website.

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