Holiday Pajamas
Holiday pajamas don't have to be kitschy. Courtesy of Wild Lovers

Families sporting matching holiday pajamas is a Christmas card staple. Much to our chagrin. It's not only the fact that mom, dad and all the kiddos are wearing different sizes of the exact same pajamas. It's also the fact that they are all usually supremely tacky. But, believe it or not, there are chic festive pajamas out there.

Obviously, no Santas, reindeer or snowmen allowed. Also onesies need not apply. So what does that leave us with? A lot. Favor more seasonally-appropriate colors. Think red, green, gold, blue and even brown. Patterns are also OK, just not plaid. It's way too on the nose.

On the fabric front, silk, satin and velvet should be your go-tos if you're felling fancy. Cotton works if you prefer your overnight wear more laid-back. Most options include a long-sleeve top and a matching pair of pants. There are exceptions, however. Maison Essentiele's cami is perfect for anyone celebrating in warmer climates.

Details definitely make a huge difference. For example, piping, embroidery and lace. Because we like our pajamas like we like our daytime outfits, stylish without an ounce of try-hard. Actually, you can get away with flaunting some of these sets in daylight. That's because wearing pajamas outside of the bedroom is still a thing. Simply incorporate a necklace, maybe some earrings and some boots or street-safe slippers and you're all set. You'll get more mileage out of these picks that way. Fair warning: A couple will require layering something underneath up top.

Here are the most sartorially-mined holiday pajamas this season has to offer. It's National Pajama Day after all. Buy a pair for yourself to wear on Christmas morning. Then buy another pair to give as a gift to your super stylish BFF. You can also buy them the same set you buy for yourself. But please, don't take a picture of both of you wearing them at the same time.

Zara Limited Edition

Zara Pajama Shirt Limited Edition ($119) and Pajama Pants Limited Edition ($119) at Zara

P. Le Moult Hussar Cotton Pyjamas
P. Le Moult

P. Le Moult Hussar Cotton Pyjamas, $213 at Matches Fashion

COS Printed Pure Silk Pajama

COS Printed Pure Silk Pajama Shirt ($135) and Printed Pure Silk Pajama Pants ($135) at COS

Olivia von Halle Yves Emerald Green Silk Velvet Pajamas
Olivia von Halle

Olivia von Halle Yves Emerald Green Silk Velvet Pajamas, $660 at Olivia von Halle

Wild Lovers Priscilla Pjyama
Wild Lovers

Wild Lovers Priscilla Pjyama Shirt ($39) and Priscilla Pyjama Trousers ($31) at Wild Lovers

Anthropologie Forest Fable Pajama

Anthropologie Forest Fable Pajama Top ($60) and Forest Fable Pajama Pants ($60) at Anthropologie

Zara Piped Pajama Shirt and Pants Matching Set

Zara Piped Pajama Shirt and Pants Matching Set, $85.80 at Zara


ASCENO London Velvet Pyjama Shirt ($262) and Aurelia Velvet Trousers ($262) at Matches Fashion

Rachel Parcell Long-Sleeve Satin Pajama Set
Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell Long-Sleeve Satin Pajama Set, $128 at Anthropologie

Prada Three-Pocket Two-Piece Pajama Set

Prada Three-Pocket Two-Piece Pajama Set, $3,300 at Farfetch

Maison Essentiele
Maison Essentiele

Maison Essentiele 90s It Girl Cami in Olive ($148) and Silk Pant in Olive ($241) at Maison Essentiele

By Anthropologie Knit Pajama
By Anthropologie

By Anthropologie Knit Pajama Top in Green Motif ($58) and Knit Pajama Pants in Green Motif ($58) at Anthropologie

Marni Printed Silk Twill Pajama

Marni Printed Silk Twill Pajama Top ($1,295) and Printed Silk Twill Pajama Pants ($1,295) at LuisaViaRoma

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