Jonathan Anderson x Loewe Tomato Clutch
The new Loewe Tomato Clutch. Courtesy of Jonathan Anderson

If there's any designer you can count on to keep you on your toes, it's Jonathan Anderson. In the latest expression of his creative mind, the Loewe creative director took to his Instagram to show off a new accessory for the brand in the form of a tomato. "🍅Loewe🍅 meme to reality," he captioned the reel that featured a red tomato-shaped clutch with gold hardware and a chartreuse green satin interior. The stem is also comprised of gold and features the brand's logo at the top to mark the bag's opening.

The playful design comes just days after X user @homocowboi reshared a tweet of an intricate heirloom tomato posted by user @giannarosinaa. "This tomato is so Loewe I can't explain it," which caught the attention of Anderson, directly influencing what would be his next bag. Physical moodboards aren't the only thing inspiring designers these days — viral memes are taking center stage, further highlighting social media's role in uniting fashion and community.

While this clutch is nowhere to be found on the brand's website, it's only a matter of time before it drops. It's already in the shopping carts of fashion lovers all over the world with the video at nearly 3 million views. Even industry authorities like Harper's Bazaar Editor-in-Chief Samira Nasr approve commenting, "WANT." Our suggestion? Prepare your coins in advance.

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