Kuzyk Knits
Knits with a vintage twist. Courtesy of Kuzyk

Whether it's a Fendi baguette or anything Chanel, everybody knows vintage is the new (old) wave. Kuzyk, the ready-to-wear label founded by New York-based designer Elizabeth Kuzyk, just launched a new vintage-inspired knitwear line and obsessed doesn't even begin to cover it.

The 14-piece collection includes everything from cashmere crewnecks and ruffle polos to lace-trim bras and matching mid-rise skirts. Basically, everything you want to lounge around the house in or wear out to run some errands. The aviator buttons, lace detailing and obvious lingerie inspiration is totally giving old-school French chic.

The cozy pieces range from $569 to $1,710 and the collection is available for pre-order on Kuzyk's website.

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