Leonor Greyl Hair Thinning
A powerful pairing. Courtesy of Leonor Greyl

Everyone's talking about and searching for a solution to hair thinning. Enter Leonor Greyl's newest must-haves.

The luxury hair care brand just unveiled a pair of products aimed at reducing hair thinning, equalizing the scalp and protecting against pollutants. Designed to boost hair and scalp health, these products unite to combat the root cause of hair loss.

Serum Énergisant, which retails for $120, reduces hair thinning by up to 85 percent by strengthening strands and balancing the scalp. Packed with supercharged ingredients like green tea, maca and rosemary, this miracle serum will slow hair loss and increase hair density in just three months.

Shampooing Énergisant, priced at $92, is a "superhero for the scalp." This volumizing shampoo is infused with moringa seed and almond proteins that fortify hair strands alongside Indian plum that works to equalize the scalp. It even combats oiliness, irritation and dandruff.

Head on over to Leonor Greyl's website to buy this powerhouse duo.

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