Mejuri Lab Grown Diamonds Collection
Mejuri debuts a members-only Lab Grown Diamonds collection. Courtesy of Mejuri

Mejuri is already one of the most popular jewelry brands around. Probably due in large part to its stock of everyday fine jewelry and its benefits-driven loyalty program. Now Mejuri+ members get even more perks.

The brand just revealed its first-ever Lab Grown Diamonds collection made to order for members only. There are six styles to choose from in 14 karat solid white or yellow gold and two different carat weights. These lab-grown gems really look like the mined kind since they have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Actually, each piece is SCS Global certified so they're guaranteed to be responsibly and ethically produced as well as climate-neutral. The only catch? You have to be a member to gain access. The good news? Becoming a member is completely free.

Join the club and shop the brilliant Lab Grown Diamonds collection on Mejuri's website.

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