Miu Miu Upcycled Collection
Miu Miu introduces the fourth edition of its Upcycled collection. Courtesy of Jet Swan

There's no denying that fashion, both fast and slow, has a sustainability problem. Thankfully, more and more brands are trying to correct the problem. That includes the biggest brand of last year.

Miu Miu just revealed the fourth edition of its Upcycled collection. The pieces are actually crafted from previous collections' leftovers. It's kind of like how KitKat's sumptuous filling is made from leftover KitKats. (We'll give you a minute to let that one sink in just in case you didn't know that juicy fact.) In addition to clothing, the collection is offering bags made from leather remnants for the very first time.

The advertising campaign stars Ever Anderson decked out in the good-for-the-planet goods. The ads were styled by Lotta Volkova and shot by Jet Swan.

You can shop the collection on Miu Miu's website.

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