NatureLab Tokyo
NatureLab Tokyo’s new collection is an insomniac's dream. Courtesy of NatureLab Tokyo

The holidays are full of stress. From struggling to afford gifts for everyone on your list to finding the time to decorate your tree, it's all pretty anxiety-inducing. NatureLab Tokyo is here to help, though, with its new collection.

Perfect Dream Night Ritual Collection contains everything you need to drift off to dreamland and stay there until your alarm clock goes off. The line includes the Night Ritual Hair Masque, the Good Night Anti-Static Pillow Mist and the Calming Bath Oil, all featuring the brand's Metasleep Scent Technology to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The hair masque replenishes both your scalp and hair overnight for $22. While the $22 bath oil gently cleanses and leaves you glowing. Spray on the $21 pillow mist to put you to bed while taming flyaways and static so you won't wake up to the dreaded bedhead.

Buy each product individually or as a set for $52 on NatureLab Tokyo's website.

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