2024 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony
Berluti's opening ceremony looks for Team France. Courtesy of Berluti

The Olympics is always a big event. Especially when you have athletes participating that are celebrities in their own right, like GOAT Simone Biles, basketball phenom Diana Taurasi, diver Tom Daley and swim sensation Katie Ledecky. Although the uniforms and opening ceremony ensembles are getting just as much attention. Maybe more so.

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Every Olympics sees countries trying to outdress each other. It's like Project Runway, but with sports. Take the French delegation. French fashion house Berluti just revealed the athletes' outfits for the always extravagant opening ceremony to mixed reviews. Some are cheering the blazers with bold lapels, while others think they look like airline uniforms. It doesn't help that the women weren't issued sleeves.

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Lululemon is the source of the Canadian team's opening and closing ceremony outfits. Makes sense since the athleisure juggernaut is a Canadian company. Lululemon's creations are far sportier than their French counterparts. Think tracksuits and not just for the track and field folks. They're certainly more practical. But will they take home the gold medal in fashion?

The Australian team is pretty much splitting the difference once again tapping Sportscraft to create its uniforms. The company fashioned green tailored blazers as a nod to Parisian fashion, but pairs them with more sporty fare, like pleated tennis skirts and relaxed shorts.

The United States is teaming back up with Ralph Lauren for its opening ceremony gear. As expected, the looks are classic Americana favoring red, white and blue along with classic flag designs. It definitely falls into the sporty category like its neighbor to the north.

While playing which country will boast the best dressed athletes is all fun and games, there is a serious discussion going on thanks to Nike's hotly debated track and field uniforms. The women's version is a little revealing calling to mind the no pants looks that were recently all the rage on the runways. Of course, strutting down a runway is nothing compared to running at the speed of light while millions of eyes are on you so we totally get the criticism. Not sure if the uproar will cause Nike to redesign the uniforms, but the brand has pivoted to showing off some of its other, less controversial designs.

Although many women's uniforms in certain sports are designed with form more in mind than function, see Team USA's short golf uniforms. It brings to mind the scene in the film A League of Their Own when the new members of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League discover they'll have to compete in a flirty dress. Their reaction is one for the ages, explaining that it isn't a baseball uniform and how could they possibly be expected to slide in it.

It's important to keep in mind that there's a separation between ceremonial looks and pieces designed for actual competition. So if we're going to award any of these designers medals, the distinction should be factored into the final decision.

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