Saltair Lip Oil Balms
Saltair recently dropped a line of cushiony lip oil balms. Courtesy of Saltair

You're probably already familiar with Saltair. It offers everything from body wash to deodorant to shampoo plus conditioner and even scented candles. The body and hair care brand continues to grow, however, and just introduced a new season-appropriate category.

Saltair Lip Oil Balms combine a conditioning lip oil with just the right amount of color. The formula contains good-for-your-lips ingredients, such as coconut oil, plant-derived esters, murumuru butter and shea butter. Simply swipe on and your pout will feel nourished and hydrated. Choose from five striking shades: Clear, Dragon Fruit, Acai, Toasted and Cacao.

Each is available on Saltair's website for just $9 a pop.

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