Shirts With Neckties
Elisabetta Franchi Spring 2024. Courtesy of Launchmetrics Spotlight

The Fall 2023 collections spawned tons of trends. From suitable pinstripes to tomato red to the controversial no-pants look, take your pick. One of the most notable and, frankly, easiest to pull off IRL is the return of neckties. Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Undercover, Christian Dior, Hermes, Dolce & Gabbana and more all sent them down their respective runways. So you know it was only a matter of time before the trend trickled down to retailers. Now you can copy the boss vibe by simply buying a tie and a button-down. Or save some bucks by purchasing shirts with neckties included.

The most common combo is a tonal look. That means the shirt matches the necktie. (It also proved popular on the Fall 2023 runways.) Another favorite is layering black ties over crisp white button-downs. There's quite a variety when it comes to the shirts. You have sheer interpretations, button-downs with well-placed pockets, tee takes and cropped silhouettes. Hell, we even uncovered a pinstripe jumpsuit. It's important to point out that only some of the neckties are removable. So make sure that figures into your decision of which one or ones you buy.

Of course, the typical way to rock the look is via a suit as part of your work-appropriate wardrobe. Obviously, the cropped options won't work in this scenario. That's not the only time these sets come into play, though. They look equally impressive teamed with jeans, cargo pants along with skirts of the mini, midi and maxi varieties. When summer comes calling you can even sport them with shorts. Or, if you're feeling particularly daring, wear them sans bottoms.

If you're having reservations that this is more of a microtrend, a blink-of-the-eye passing fad that's not worth sacrificing your hard-earned money on, think again. Several Spring 2024 offerings keep the pairing going. See Elisabetta Franchi, Ralph Lauren and Celine. Plus, the price points are actually reasonable. You can drop as little as just under $13 on a fabulous find. The most expensive? Raey's satin duo that rings in at $475. That means you can pick up quite a few if you so choose.

Ready to embrace the sure-to-be-ongoing trend? Keep reading to find the most stylish shirts with neckties in our roundup below. Don't wait on snapping these up because they're already becoming limited and are bound to be out of stock soon.

Zara Striped Crop Shirt With Necktie

Zara Striped Crop Shirt With Necktie, $12.99 at Zara

Mango Shirt Tie

Mango Shirt Tie, $69.99 at Mango

Raey Formal Tie and Satin Shirt

Raey Formal Tie and Satin Shirt, $475 at Matches Fashion

The Frankie Shop Annie Necktie Shirt
The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop Annie Necktie Shirt in Sky, $135 at The Frankie Shop

Alice + Olivia Willa Placket Top With Tie
Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia Willa Placket Top With Tie in Ecru/Black, $210 at Alice + Olivia

Kallmeyer Lea Slim Blouse With Tie

Kallmeyer Léa Slim Blouse With Tie in Chartreuse Cupro Satin, $420 at Kallmeyer

pushBUTTON Black Tie Shirt

pushBUTTON Black Tie Shirt, $183 at SSENSE

Elisabetta Franchi Neck-Tie Shirt
Elisabetta Franchi

Elisabetta Franchi Neck-Tie Shirt, $514 at Farfetch

Mango Tie Shirt With Satin Details

Mango Tie Shirt With Satin Details, $45.99 at Mango

Zara Pinstriped Jumpsuit With Necktie

Zara Pinstriped Jumpsuit With Necktie, $15.99 at Zara

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