SMOOTH by Sienna Swim
SMOOTH by Sienna Swim delivers super smooth skin. Courtesy of Sienna Swim

There are lots of razors out there. Usually they're designed by grooming-specific brands. But who better to create the perfect shaving system than a swimwear brand? Which is why Sienna Swim's new line is giving us goosebumps in the best way possible.

The family owned and operated swimwear brand wants all of its customers to feel "feminine, flattered and fearless." So making its own razor was the next logical step. It has five stainless steel blades for super smooth results minus razor burn and ingrown hairs for $27.

But that's not all. SMOOTH by Sienna Swim also includes a kit containing the aforementioned razor, Dr. Bronner's soap and 100 percent organic virgin coconut oil for post-shave care. All this for only $37.

Test out SMOOTH by Sienna Swim by visiting Sienna Swim's website.

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