Stirrup Leggings
Stirrup leggings are still trending. Courtesy of WARDROBE.NYC

Everybody loves leggings. You've probably got your own stockpile of black stretchy pairs you routinely slip on for traveling or running errands sans or post-workout. Their popularity hinges on the fact that they'll always be in style. But this spring we're exercising our right to rock a specific incarnation practically seven days a week. We're talking about the still-trending, 80s-sourced stirrup leggings.

When they first started remerging a couple of seasons ago, most trend watchers dismissed their return as a passing fad. Much like shoulder pads and acid-wash jeans, they'd eventually make way for new obsessions, whether those new ones be from the 90s, early aughts or even later. All you have to do is do a quick google search to see that those predictions fell flat. Maybe it's because balletcore also picked up serious steam.

Designers are definitely leaning into the stirrup legging craze. Now you probably aren't surprised to hear that 80s-supporting fashion houses like Saint Laurent, Balmain and Alaïa all offer striking pairs. Did you know, though, that The Row and John Elliott also jumped on the bandwagon? We didn't think so.

Part of the appeal is the versatility. You can simply slip your feet into your shoes and let the openings peek through your footwear. Or do as the street style set does and stretch the straps so they go underneath your heels or flats. (Add another dimension by trying this trick with mesh footwear.) While most people tend to favor the black versions, stirrup leggings now come in many colors and even textures. From dark browns to grays to deep blues to pops of purple. If those revealing Mugler creations are a little too risqué in your book, try Khaite's lacy alternative.

Prices are actually pretty reasonable. Which is another reason why we love the trend. You can score a great pair for under $20. Even the fashion house-sponsored leggings are a deal compared to other offerings in their repertoire thanks to some generous discounts. Disclaimer: Technically, you can pick up trouser takes, but they're not as flexible as the leggings. Those are the ones you'll reach for again and again.

Ready to join the club? Scroll down to uncover the best stirrup leggings to buy now so you can wear them on heavy rotation this spring.

Mango Basic Fuseau Leggings

Mango Basic Fuseau Leggings, $19.99 at Mango

Madewell Ponte Stirrup Leggings

Madewell Ponte Stirrup Leggings in Roasted Espresso, $49.99 at Madewell

The Attico Jamie Stirrup Pants
The Attico

The Attico Jamie Stirrup Pants, $385 at Mytheresa

Alps Meters Sterling Wool Stirrup Leggings
Alps & Meters

Alps & Meters Sterling Wool Stirrup Leggings in Grey, $295 at Moda Operandi

John Elliott Valentina Stirrup Leggings
John Elliott

John Elliott Valentina Stirrup Leggings, $124 at John Elliott

Splits59 River High Waist Airweight Stirrup

Splits59 River High Waist Airweight Stirrup in Indigo, $124 at Splits59

Helsa Tannis Stirrup Legging

Helsa Tannis Stirrup Legging, $248 at Revolve

Balmain High-Rise Stirrup Leggings

Balmain High-Rise Stirrup Leggings, $1,225 at Mytheresa

Zara Polyamide Stirrup Leggings

Zara Polyamide Stirrup Leggings, $35.90 at Zara

Leset Rio Stirrup Leggings

Leset Rio Stirrup Leggings, $158 at Matches Fashion

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Well Rounded Stirrup Legging
Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Well Rounded Stirrup Legging in Seasonal, $49.50 at Beyond Yoga

Khaite Lace Stirrup Leggings

Khaite Lace Stirrup Leggings, $980 at Mytheresa

WARDROBE NYC Stirrup Leggings

WARDROBE.NYC Stirrup Leggings in Black, $400 at Shopbop

Zara Stirrup Wool Leggings

Zara Stirrup Wool Leggings, $49.90 at Zara

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