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If you're not already acquainted, meet Nara Smith, the beautiful, stylish Dallas-based mom who went viral on TikTok for posting super cute cooking videos—she makes pop tarts, oatmeal banana cookies, lemon-glazed donuts, and all manner of quirky foodie combinations for her kids from scratch. All while wearing impeccable designer clothes from the likes of YSL and Dolce & Gabbana. Beyond her culinary skills and enviable style—which as you will see from her videos has a bit of a fifties housewife edge—is her equally enviable husband. The 22-year-old mom of three is married to the model Lucky Blue Smith. You might remember him—he of the piercing blue eyes — as the rather hot male model who also blew up the internet in 2015 when just shy of his 18th birthday he was named "Model of the Year by Teen Vogue." Talk about a genetically blessed Gen Z couple.

Ahead we share a sample of Smith's "love language" combining food with fashion and a few fun facts about the couple-of-the-moment that has everyone obsessed.

Nara is a Pinup of the Rich Mom Aesthetic

Nara's closet screams, "comfy, elegant, and timeless". You can see her strutting, cooking and lounging in glamorous designer brands like Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana Alo, FWRD, and Aritzia.

She's Also Been Hailed a "Tradwife"

Nara has emerged as something of a sexy Martha Stewart style icon but many have criticized the couple for glamorizing what they've labeled the "tradwife". Tradwife refers to a woman who follows traditional gender roles, so naturally, it has a bit of a negative vibe. Nara may emphasize her "femininity" by cooking daily and dressing up but she is also a very successful working model. She also mentions throughout her TikTok that Lucky is usually always the one to clean the house and occasionally he bakes too. So yes, Nara Smith is a TikTok queen and the epitome of being an elegant and glamorous stay-at-home, but she is also an empowered working mother.


he asked for it the next day again so this might become a staple 🫶🏽 #easyrecipes #homemade #pizza #bbqchicken #fypシ #marriage #homecooking

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Lucky Blue Makes a Regular Cameo in her TikTok Videos

Lucky Blue is an accomplished model who has appeared in campaigns alongside seasoned supermodels Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber. You can also see him starring in ads for companies like Tom Ford, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Phillip Plein.

The Couple Just Had Another Baby

Lucky and Nara recently welcomed their third baby, a girl into the world this week: Whimsy Lou Smith. The couple who married right before the pandemic have two other children together and clearly have a thing for whimsical names: Slim Easy is 2 and Rumble Honey is 4. Lucky also has a daughter, Gravity Blue, from his previous relationship with model- Stormi Henley.


our little angel is here! Meet Whimsy Lou Smith🤍 She came on her own time and arrived on the day of the Eclipse 🫶🏽 #birth #newborn #fypシ #pregnancy

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Nara All Shares her Beauty Secrets on TikTok.


hi guys🫶🏽 it‘s been a minute since we‘ve caught up #grwm #makeup #skincare #fyp #getreadywithme

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