Comedian Celeste Barber parodies fashion models and celebrities
Comedian Celeste Barber parodies fashion models and celebrities Courtesy of Celeste Barber Instagram

We're the first to admit that the world of high fashion (or planet fashion as we like to refer to it) can take itself a little too seriously at times. It's fashion after all not rocket science. And let's face it in today's climate — I mean we just had an earthquake in New York — we could all use a little light relief (and a belly laugh). So we wanted to take a moment to cast the spotlight on TikTok comedians Caitlyn Reilly, Yuri Lamasbella, and Celeste Barber who have made it their business to roast the ridiculous side of fashion racking up millions of followers in the process.

Don't get us wrong, we're not here to diss. On the contrary, we understand the power, influence, and allure fashion and beauty have on our wardrobes and confidence. Like a mirror, the way we dress and even the lipstick we choose is often a barometer of our cultural, social, and economic times. Take, the "Lipstick Effect" a phenomenon born from financial downtowns when we favor affordable indulgences over expensive designer fashion. And consider the explosion of "WFH style" as we all grappled with what on earth to wear during a global pandemic and in a new zoom-fuelled office reality.

Still, in a style-obsessed world where we view the world through the lens of glamorous celebrities, gorgeous runway models, and Instagram filters, we are thankful for these hilarious comedic geniuses whose viral videos and images parady fashion and poke fun at some of its biggest players. Giving us mere mortals permission to have a laugh (at their expense) but most importantly, breathe a sigh of relief, as we're reminded most of what you see is smoke and mirrors.

Caitlin Reilly


Nicola Peltz-Beckham walked so Nicola Pomodoro Blockcheese could run. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #vogue #nicolapeltz #FlexEveryAngle

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The LA-based actor-comedian shot to fame at the height of the global pandemic when she parodied a dentist's wife trying to skip the queue to get her Covid vaccination. And we've been obsessed with her every post ever since. After a decade of trying and failing to break into Hollywood, Reilly decided to take a "big girl job" in real estate, and as a side gig started producing videos that hilariously parody stereotypes. The rest is history. Reilly's skits now rack up billions of views and while it's hard to nominate our favorite, her sharing what's in her handbag (or rather toaster) as fashion influencer Nicola Pomodoro Blockcheese is the stuff of comedic legend.

Yuri Lamasbella

With her uncanny resemblance to Kim Kardashian, TikTok star Yuri Lamasbella who hails herself as "the host Kardashian" has built a following of over 7 million on Instagram and TikTok with her hilarious skits that impersonate the Kardashian/Jenner clan. In her viral videos the Florida native nails Kim, Kourtney, and Chloe's style, attitude, and valley girl voices, and we are living for it. Like Reilly, Lamasbella shot to fame during the pandemic, when she posted her first video mimicking Kourtney telling Kim she wanted to double-check her son was happy to spend the summer at a dream destination. The video racked up a whopping 18.8 million views and Lamasbella has been keeping up with the Kardashians ever since. There is even a photo of her on her IG with Kendall Jenner doing the duck face.

Celeste Barber

The Queen of Australian comedy, Celeste Barber burst onto the social media scene when she started recreating Instagram images starring gorgeous fashion models and celebrities casting herself in similar poses and outfits. These hilarious parodies have attracted over 9.5 million followers including fellow comedians Amy Schumer and Chelsea and celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Cindy Crawford. Not afraid to bear it all and keep it real, Barber has become a comedic force for empowering real women and championing body positivity. She's even become something of a style star herself, walking on the runway for Tom Ford and at Australian Fashion Week. Go Celeste!

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