Bella Hadid Orəbella
Bella Hadid just jumped into the fragrance game. Courtesy of 'Ôrəbella

You've probably noticed that Bella Hadid has been kind of MIA lately. The model consciously took a step back from all the photoshoots and runways to focus on her physical and mental health (Hadid has been openly battling Lyme disease). Out of that journey of self-care comes a brand new fragrance venture, 'Ôrəbella.

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The brand's name is a play on the English meaning of her surname, which translates to iron, and her first name. This isn't your typical perfume-making powerhouse, though. It only offers alcohol-free, biphase formulas. The process of creating them was pretty personal.

"Through my healing journey, I found that I was extremely sensitive to the alcohol in traditional perfumes—both physically and mentally—it became something that was more overwhelming than calming to me," explains Hadid on her new brand's website. "That is the main reason I wanted to find an alternative, so essential oils became an artistic and experimental process for me. Growing lavender on my farm, walking through my garden every morning, learning about the history of my family making homemade scents, I realized I might have a calling in this. I found healing, joy, and love within nature's scents."

Bella Hadid Orəbella
Choose from the sheer floral Window2Soul, the warm floral Blooming Fire and the woody marine Salted Muse. Courtesy of 'Ôrəbella

The first three offerings, the sheer floral Window2Soul, the warm floral Blooming Fire and the woody marine Salted Muse, run from $35 to $100, depending on size. The formulas require a little participation on your part. You need to shake the beautiful bottles to make sure the oil and fragrance layers mesh to activate the aroma. You can also pick up a gold perfume stand to properly display the crystal-inspired containers.

The fragrances officially launch tomorrow on the brand's website and through Ulta Beauty.

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