Boho 2.0
Sienna Miller attends the Chloe Fall 2024 show. Courtesy of Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images for Chloé

Boho chic has made a brilliant return to fashion and its revival offers a fresh, thoroughly modern and kinda edgy take on classic elements, like lace, tiered ruffles, billowy silhouettes, and giant leather bags. Just the free-spirited, slightly rebellious style mood we all need right now (especially for spring), Boho 2.0 favors floaty feminine skirts, breezy maxi dresses and sheer sexy pieces, juxtaposed against harder edges like heavy boots, leather jackets, fringe, and tassels.

It is thanks to newly-appointed Chloé Creative Director Chemena Kamali who rolled out her inaugural collection at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2024 which was every boho diehard and festivalgoer's dream wardrobe, that one of our favorite and much-missed trends is back. Spotted front row at the show was the ultimate boho queen and OG Chloé girl Sienna Miller, beaming with excitement for this revival and inspiring us all to start adding boho pieces to our wardrobes.

The term "boho" might evoke flashbacks to Woodstock or the early 2000s when the hallmark of this style was all about bold patterns, colors, textures and chunky accessories. But this new wave isn't a jump back in time at all.

What's cool about boho chic, compared to something like Y2K fashion, is that even though it popped up at a certain time, it's not completely boxed into that era. Obviously, there's a bit of nostalgia when it comes back in style, but boho chic is more about a vibe than just being a throwback. It's capable of evolving and meeting whatever is current.

This is true for the new Chloé collection. It stays true to the 70s pillars of the brand yet we're met with a modernized and refined approach to the look. It's a smart and fitting rebirth in a time when fashion favors subtlety, both on the runways and off. So forget any hesitation about welcoming wedges and lace back into your wardrobe because we're going to help you master boho 2.0 the right way.

Being a boho girl in 2024 is as simple as pulling out the leather bomber that's likely already in your closet and throwing it over a dainty slip dress. The magic lies in the art of juxtaposition. Think a little bit ethereal princess and a little bit rock 'n' roll. Take it from Miller, who demonstrated this during Paris Fashion Week by effortlessly pairing a black leather jacket with a lace-detail silk skirt.

Miller, alongside fellow style mavens like the Olsen twins, Nicole Richie and Kate Moss, led the redefining transformation of boho in the early 2000s when they started weaving its whimsical, flouncy-bouncy essence into their edgy flair.

Boho 2.0
Sienna Miller out in Notting Hill in 2004. Courtesy of Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

In an interview with Vogue, Miller said she's cheering on boho's fresh chapter, which has tempted her to revisit her style archives. She playfully questioned "Can I wear cowboy boots and a mini-skirt again?"

Good news for her, cowboy boots are making a major comeback this summer (thanks in part to Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter). Additionally, a Vogue Business article highlighted a surge in searches for specific boho elements on The RealReal following the Chloe runway show, signaling other key trends to watch.

Boho 2.0
Chemena Kamali at her debut Chloe show. Courtesy of Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

A glance at photos from the show reveals a detail you can't possibly miss. VIP guests in the front row all wearing the same wooden platform wedges.

Boho 2.0
Mary-Kate Olsen in East Hampton, New York in 2007. Courtesy of Mat Szwajkos / Getty Images for Hampton Social @ Ross

This certainly did not go unnoticed by The RealReal shoppers, who were inspired to hunt down a pair of their own. On the day of the show, searches for wedges on the site surged by 25 percent and it didn't stop there. The following day saw a spike in platforms by 49 percent. Sources in the article predict that wedges will only get bigger as warmer weather approaches making them a potential seasonal best-seller. The emblem of bohemian fashion, famously adorned by OG boho icon Stevie Nicks, increased by 43 percent following Chloe's inclusion of fringe in jackets, pants and shoes.

Boho 2.0
Fringe appears on the Chloe Fall 2024 runway in jackets, pants and shoes. Courtesy of Launchmetrics Spotlight

Vogue Business noted in its article that slouchy over-the-shoulder bags were gaining momentum in early 2024 before Kamali unveiled them in her collection. When paying homage to past boho luminaries, perhaps the most fitting mention here goes to Serena van der Woodsen. She mastered the art of accessorizing with oversize bags and frankly, none of her looks are complete without one.

Hats off to Gossip Girl costume designer, Eric Daman, who turned a fictional character into a boho legend. It's fitting knowing that he based the character's personal style off none other than Moss, another undisputed boho trailblazer.

Boho 2.0
A giant leather bag on the Chloe Fall 2024 runway. Courtesy of Launchmetrics Spotlight

We had the opportunity to chat with Meghan Stimac, formerly part of Emma Jade Morrison's styling team dressing celebrities, such as Emily Ratajkowski and Lily Aldridge. Stimac shared her recommendations for incorporating boho into your wardrobe throughout the year.

"Mix your boho pieces with essential staples for a versatile style — it's about achieving cohesion and natural charm," Stimac says, highlighting playful elements like fringe, chunky necklaces and wide-brimmed hats to experiment with this summer. "Ultimately, the true essence of a boho girl lies in an effortless, fun and open style."

Stimac foresees that boho chic will maintain its status as a perennial favorite among fashion enthusiasts thanks to its lasting allure and connection with various music genres. So the next time you consider dumping your pair of wedges off at Plato's Closet, think twice.

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