Dr Dana
Dr. Dana just got a makeover. Courtesy of Dr. Dana

It's actually pretty rare to see a beauty brand do a total reset. That's what makes Dr. Dana's decision to expand its offering and focus on "real science to deliver real results" pretty impressive. Basically, it's getting a makeover.

Dermatologist Dr. Dana Stern and her eponymous brand focus on the diagnosis and treatment of nail disorders. Now the lineup is tailored toward renovating the at-home nail care industry. Take the Nail Renewal System which relies on glycolic acid to exfoliate leaving nails looking better instantly. Or the Hydrating Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover formulated with an all-natural grapefruit scent designed to nourish as well as protect nails and cuticles while removing polish. The collection also includes a nourishing cuticle oil, a precision glass nail file, a buffing block and a no-polish manicure set.

Prices start at $10 and only go up to $35. Plus, the amount of packaging has been reduced and the packaging that is used is made from sustainable materials. Shop the new Dr. Dana on the brand's website.

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