Dallas Turner at the NFL Draft 2024
Dallas Turner in a spearmint green suit at the NFL Draft 2024 Courtesy of Aaron J Thornton/Getty Images

The marriage of sport and fashion has spectacularly collided again as the stars behind the NFL Draft and their glamorous WAGS hit the red carpet. On the back of the stylish women of the WNBA draft slaying on the red carpet, NFL's new stars Caleb Williams, Marvin Harrison Jr., Malik Naber, J.J. McCarthy, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels bought the glamour, bling, color, and plenty of personal fashion statements to football's night of nights.

USC star quarterback Caleb Williams—who as predicted has been recruited by the Chicago Bears — hit the red carpet in a sleek custom navy double-breasted zip-up suit designed by luxury American brand Chrome Hearts. Williams also went viral for his painted fingernails, which were navy to match his suit apart from his two pinky fingers that were painted silver to complement the silver accents on his suit and his girlfriend's dress. Panting his fingernails has been a long tradition of William's which is to honor his nail technician mother. When asked by a reporter about his fit, Williams described it as "Classy, unique, one of one."

Caleb Williams and Alina Thyregod at the NFL Draft 2024
Caleb Williams bought girlfriend Alina Thyregod and Mom to the NFL Draft 2024 Courtesy of Aaron J Thornton/Getty Images

Ahead, More Red Carpet Fashion Moments from the NFL Draft

Marvin Harrison Jr.'s Medallion Stole The Show

Newly minted Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. wore a sparkling black suit and shades on the carpet but it was his medallion that took center stage. Created to honor his father— NFL wide receiver Marvin Harrison— on one side were Simba and Mufasa from "The Lion King," and on the other an illustration of father and son.

Malik Naber Also Made a Personal Style Statement

Picked up by the New York Giants, LCU Wide Receiver Malik Naber also wore a sleek grey double-breasted custom suit but the devil was in the detail. When he opened it up the interior was emblazoned with images of all the people that had helped shape his LCU journey to bring him to this big moment.

Color Rained Down on the NFL Draft Red Carpet

Terrion Arnold at NFL Draft 2024
Terrion Arnold is pretty in pink at the NFL Draft 2024 Courtesy of Aaron J Thornton/Getty Images

Flying the flag for colorful outfits was Alabama CB Terrion Arnold (drafted by the Detroit Lions) who shone in a pink suit which was embossed with large silver flowers, lined with a picture of himself on one of his first football teams as a child. Alabama OLB Dallas Turner who is joining the Minnesota Vikings made a bold case for a spearmint green in his shiny suit. And LSC QB Jayden Daniels, picked up by the Washington Commanders, was decked out in baby blue. It was left to Drake Maye, the North Carolina QB, who was snapped up by the New England Patriots, to bring a classic touch, wearing a light gray by Hugo Boss.

All we can say is the 2024 Met Gala has some serious competition.

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