Victoria Beckham and Harper Seven at the designer's 50th birthday
Victoria Beckham and daughter Harper Seven at the designer's 50th birthday party Courtesy of Victoria Beckham Instagram

Victoria Beckham just turned 50. So did I but who's counting? In case you missed it the pop star turned designer held a star-studded black-tie bash to celebrate at a "posh" private members club in London at the weekend. On the topic of aging (inspired by mine and my fellow Aries Victoria Beckham milestone birthdays), my friend Marie recently confirmed over dinner that age really is only a number. As she explained there's your chronological age (the number of years you've been alive) which we can't do anything about. Then there's your biological age (how old your cells are based on physiological evidence), which if you are fit, healthy, eat well, exercise, and use good beauty products, (ideally clean anti-oxidant-rich skincare ), you can actually lower.

Unlike Victoria Beckham appeared to be, I wasn't all that thrilled about turning the big five-o. Or 30++ as I prefer to call it, but now that I'm here, it ain't so bad. Like Posh Spice, who looks so much better now than she did twenty-five years ago at the height of Spice Girls mania (maybe it was all that questionable Y2K makeup and fashion), I think I look better too. I certainly feel more comfortable in my skin than ever before and at the risk of TMI: sexier. Now, I realize all those "old" adages my mum loved to tell me are also true: With age comes wisdom. Life begins at 40 (or 30++ in my case). Youth is wasted on the young (not to mention plump juicy collagen).

For those of you who have also entered middle age and are enjoying this glorious second act perhaps you might also agree you don't really know yourself in your younger years — that comes with experience (and in my case loss and trauma). Like me, perhaps you too now have adopted a bit of a newfound F-you attitude. To quote another adage: Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Anyway, back to VB, she certainly looked incredibly glamorous and age-defying in a delicious sea foam green sheer naked dress from her brand's spring 2024 collection. Incidentally, at my recent 50th bash, I too glammed up in a gold-ruched 80s-inspired Isabel Marant body con dress and danced the night away until 4 am. Granted David Beckham wasn't at my party, nor did the Spice Girls reunite, but like VB, my guest list was brimming with beautiful, talented, sexy women, over 50. So yes, Victoria Beckham and I are here to tell you, that middle age is canceled. Well, not canceled per se as middle age is alive and well, but it's been rebranded.

Natasha Silva-Jelly 50th Birthday Party
Like Posh Spice, I glammed up for my 50th birthday. Courtesy of Anna Palma

Yes, there was a lot to unpack about Beckham's 50th birthday. Namely, the Hollywood guest list which included BFF Eva Longoria, 49, and Sporty, Scary, Baby, and Ginger Spice — aka Mel B, 48, Geri Halliwell Horner, 51, Emma Bunton, 48, and Mel C, 50— who recreated an iconic moment with a rendition of the Spice Girl hit song, Stop.

But perhaps the biggest surprise takeaway was Beckham's daughter Harper Seven. Not only did she almost steal the show from her mother—filling in for Posh in that now iconic recreated dance scene—but the fashionista-in-the-making wowed in a strapless ivory satin dress, adding more fuel to the notion that age is only a number. Harper Seven might only be 12, but from where we're sitting she looks more like 18. Then again, who is counting?

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