Future Society
Future Society is bringing extinct flowers back to life. Courtesy of Future Society

If you're a fragrance fan, you're always looking for the latest and, frankly, greatest scents to add to your always-growing collection. Plus, you're usually interested in something slightly unusual to really amp up your aroma arsenal. Well today's your lucky day. Allow us to introduce you to the newly launched brand that's taking a unique approach to fragrance.

Future Society actually incorporates the sequenced DNA of extinct flowers into its aromas. The six scents capture bygone eras when these flowers were still blooming. Floating Forest resurrects Shorea cuspidata last recorded in Borneo at the end of the 1990s. Grassland Opera brings Orbexilum stipulatum all the way back from 1812. Haunted Rose presents Macrostylis villosa subspecies 1 and 2 from 1960. Hawaii's Hibiscadelphus wilderianus from 1912 inspired Solar Canopy. Reclaimed Flame focuses on South Africa's Leucadendron grandiflorum last seen in 1960, while Invisible Woods takes us to India's western mountains circa 1917 when Wendlandia angustifolia was still around.

You can find Future Society's scents on the brand's website and at Nordstrom. Each one will set you back $98.

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