H&M x Who Decides War Basquiat Collaboration Party
Ev Bravado, Amelia Gray and Téla D'Amore at the collaboration cocktail party in Paris. Courtesy of H&M

H&M is no stranger to brand collaborations having worked with the likes of Rabanne, Rokh and Moschino, just to name a few. The fast-fashion giant added Who Decides War to its collaboration résumé via an ode to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

As Paris Fashion Week Spring 2025 Menswear is well underway, the Swedish company partnered with Basquiat's estate and the streetwear brand's Ev Bravado and Téla D'Amore on a collection directly inspired by lesser known pieces of Basquiat's timeless work. "Immediately it was, 'Yes,' because to work with Basquiat's archive has always been a dream of ours, especially coming from similar backgrounds," said Bravado of receiving the offer in December 2022. "When we received that call, it was one of those truly surreal moments where we were like, maybe this might mean something bigger at some point," added D'Amore. "It really was a true personification of that entire thought."

In tandem with its unconventional approach, the collection depicts the perfect balance between the late artist's work and Who Decides War's personality as designers, including Bravado's affinity for adding treatments to garments like Basquiat. It includes denim as the brand defines it, marked by embroidery, distressed and patched details along with three of his artworks. Another notable piece is a black corset and maxi skirt set that features wording from Basquiat's 1983 "Discography 1."

The partnership also speaks to the higher purpose that Bravado and D'Amore have always aimed to accomplish. "We really wanted to take it in a way that spoke about the Black artists' experience," said Bravado. The dynamic duo's goal is seen through the collection's celebratory free spirit, especially by reframing or "enshrining" Basquiat's figures within their own stained glass window motif.

The exclusive collection will be available in select stores worldwide on July 18 and on H&M's website.

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